Fund Raising


Using their website to do your online shopping allows you to shop at over 5,500 stores just as you would if you went directly to that store’s website. These stores include companies such as M&S, Waitrose, John Lewis, Tesco and Sainsburys., 

There is no extra cost to you to shop online in this fashion, but for every purchase you make using this service Bertie Bus gets commission from Giveasyoulive which in turn gets its commision from the store whose products/services you have bought.

To make use of this facility please follow the instructions below.

 Sign in to

– Enter Bertie Bus name as the charity you want to help

– Create an account that you can use again, (enter email and select password to use)

– You will then be able to choose the store you want to shop at

– you will be transferred to this store’s website

– choose what you want to purchase and pay in the normal way

– the benefit earned by this transaction comes to Bertie Bus

Thank you very much for your help.